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Drugamrut A2 Milk


The humble beginnings of Durgamrut date back to …… with Narayan Krushna Chauhan and his wife Durgabai Narayan Chauhan in the small village of Temburne. Seeing the growing demand of their produce, this was then continued by their son Suresh Narayan Chauhan. He converted this side venture of his parents to a full-time business with dedication and perseverance. After this his son who was brought up such an environment, Nitin Suresh Chavan developed an interest toward this trade since an early age. With love towards animals and the farmer community, Mr Nitin decided to tackle the emerging problem of poor living conditions in dairy farms and the abundant adulteration of milk in Indian society.

The concern for health of farm animals and the people consuming their milk laid the foundation to Durgamrut Dairy in 2009. With steady growth and continued dedication towards providing quality products lead to start of ‘Durgamrut A2 milk’, a food venture providing quality milk throughout Pune.

This has been a long journey for the Chauhan family but the motivation and zeal has continuously increased by each passing day. Dairy farming has been Chauhan family’s forte and the have striven to elevate it to a level of full-fledged industry with the help of research and development. In 2020, with an aim to expand reach in different milk products, Nitin Chauhan started ‘Durgamrut Productions’ and has captured the attention of people rapidly.

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Drugamrut A2 Milk

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